MGS Cobra Attack

MGS Cobra Attack for Symbian

Fly the Cobra in this 3D adventure

Super Fast and Super Exciting! Cobra Attack is the first war action simulator game for Symbian OS phones. Using the latest MGS 3D rendering engine, you will experience the thrill of flying and intense firefights anywhere, anytime using your phone.

In Cobra Attack, you will be flying the AH-1 Cobra to defend your base from waves of terrorist attacks. Your opposition will deploy different weapons in their attempt to destroy your base: from armored tanks, agile Mi-24 Hind Gunships, suicide trucks, and mobile artilleries. Your Cobra is armed with a 20mm chain gun, Hydra rocket pods, and homing hellfire missiles. You will have limited ammunition to complete each mission, trained weapon skills will be essential.

Bluetooth is supported for cooperative play in Cobra Attack. The improved Bluetooth functions in MGS will bring you and your friend intensely satisfying experience in real time team battles. Bluetooth connection is allowed between different Symbian phones.

Cobra Attack is an innovative concept for 3D games on mobile devices, and it will prove that the Symbian OS is a powerful platform for high-performance 3D games.

Features of Cobra Attack include:

  • Hybrid MGS 3D engine brings PlayStation quality graphics to your phone
  • 20 intense levels, with new, more powerful enemy units
  • Homing missiles, rocket pods, and rapid firing chain gun at your disposal
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows smooth head-to-head aerial combat with your friend
  • Bluetooth games across different Symbian devices supported
  • Realistic 1st person in-the-cockpit view perspective
  • MGS auto update function via GPRS connection (optional)
  • Additional game levels and weapons can be downloaded from the net

Exciting action in this popular helicopter battle title.

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MGS Cobra Attack


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